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About CAP Foundation

CAP Foundation is an innovative Public Private Partnership demonstrating end-to-end solutions to link learning and market-oriented livelihood for disadvantaged young people and women. CAP Foundation’s Ek Mouka Employability Training Program works with a wide range of difficult-to-reach groups of in- school, out-of-school and post high school disadvantaged young people through community based programs spread across India, Nepal, Srilanka and Bangladesh. The CAP Foundation has an impressive footprint in terms of its approach, training content and methodology , capacity building of service providers, placement support to trainees and sustainability of market oriented entry level workforce development initiative with active collaboration with local NGOs/ CBOs, corporates, businesses, professional mentors, government departments and funding agencies.

Post MFA Rehabilitation of Retrenched Garment Workers in Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

The Context

The Multi Fiber Agreement (MFA) drawn up by the United States of America has significantly boosted Asia’s share in global textile trade. Over 67% of the benefit would, however, go to China (50%) and India (17%) leaving barely 33% for other Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, which depend heavily on apparel exports for their foreign exchange. It also deprives thousands of unskilled women workers of their livelihood and forces them into unsafe migrations and sexual exploitation.

The Objective

With a view to enable these retrenched garment workers to get back on their feet, CAP Foundation conducted market driven reskilling / recareering training programs for them. To identify various new economy options available in these countries and draw up private-public partnership models, CAP Foundation conducted Focus Group discussions with government organizations, NGOs and business associations. With the help of business mentor networks, CAP Foundation provides onsite and offsite facilitation for design, implementation, program monitoring and quality outcomes.

The Methodology

CAP Foundation provides onsite and offsite facilitation for design, implementation, program monitoring and quality outcomes. Till date over 400 women have been trained and successfully placed. The implementation methodology covers the following aspects:

  • Customized training programs based on candidates’ aptitudes and competency levels
  • Life skills training for new role transition
  • Academic / technical training with intensive industry interface
  • Pre and post placement support

Trafficking Prevention, Joblessness and Multi fibre Agreement – Pst MFA