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Potential Victims of Trafficking

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Potential Victims and Survivors of Trafficking

Poverty, unemployment and lack of access to sustainable livelihood opportunities force people to migrate in search of livelihoods or a better life. The youth particularly the women who are very gullible often end up as innocent victims of exploitation and abuse. CAP works with the organisations and networks engaged in rescue, relief and rehabilitation of survivors of victims to provide the last mile connection for these survivors and victims to acquire employability skills and get reintegrated into the mainstream workforce.
With support from Microsoft and USID, CAP has trained 28600 youth from communities most vulnerable to trafficking. Besides, 3200 victims and survivors of trafficking have been provided job placement linked training in courses such as Information Technology Enabled Services, Customer Relations and Sales, Hospitality and Housekeeping. 85% of them have been provided job placements and majority of the trained are women.


KALLIYAMMAL was 17 years old when her ordeal started. She fell in love with a boy and eloped with him. Her parents were skeptical, but she was persistent. Against the wishes of her family and friends, she agreed to marry him in hope of a better life. Her family was totally against the relationship and so the family abandoned her.

After few months of marriage her husband started ill treating her, He left her and started living separately. Her dreams came crashing down; she realized the mistake she had done by trusting and believing the man. She has two kids from him.

“I now realize that sometimes things you don’t want to happen and don’t expect to happen do but it’s how you deal with misfortune that distinguishes you from the ordinary”.

One of her distant relative told about the training program in Mahindra World City area on the outskirts of Chennai run by CAP foundation. “The centre was 10 km away from my village but I needed this support of skills training as I was left on my own. I could not return to my parents due to shame. I met the facilitators and they admitted me in to IT course” says Kalliyammal.

“Initially it was very difficult to play two roles – one of a mother and the other of a trainee. That’s what life skill sessions, taught me, how to manage both of them” she says with confidence . “After the completion of the course I got job at FORD Company as System Assistant. Initially, I got Rs.4500/ as salary per month. After seeing my performance the company raised my salary to Rs.6500/ per month.”

“My parents are happy to see my fighting spirit and my success in becoming self reliant. One day I hope every thing will come back to normal and I will lead a peaceful and happy Life” she says.

She adds, “Personnel tragedies happen to every human being. You can either dwell on it until it will drive you insane,” says kALLIYAMMAL “or you can accept it happened, acknowledge you have been cheated by the people you love deeply, and move forward.”

I am thankful to CAP for making this possible.


It all started when a family acquaintance told Muskan a girl from a village near Kolkatta that she could make ten times as much money in Mumbai as she could in her small village. It sounded like an offer that was too good to be true. She reckoned she could make enough money to send some back to her family, and if she got homesick, she could just pick up her bags and come home. Muskan was just like any ordinary girl wanting to migrate to Mumbai and earn money for improving the economic conditions of her family to lead a decent and comfortable life.

She agreed to make the journey to Mumbai in hope of a better life. Finally, she arrived at her destination, a rundown trailer where she would be put to work. Muskan Gazi was told that she would be forced to work as a prostitute. For a young girl like Muskan, this was a nightmare but as she soon realized, she had to do what she was told or else she would be beaten and abused.

Muskan’s ordeal began as soon as she landed in Mumbai. She was abused and locked up like a prisoner, until she agreed to do what she was told. She lived under 24-hour watch and was forced to engage in sexual relations with men. Soon, this innocent girl had become a tragic young woman with serious exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, and an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

She finally made her escape from the brothel, but her ordeal was not over. She was treated like a criminal instead of a victim until she found support through an NGO – OASIS that provided her a hostel to stay with along with others from conditions similar to her situation. She soon realized she needed to go out on her own and support herself.

CAP foundation in partnership with OASIS started the training program for hostel inmates. Initially she was an aggressive kind of girl when she came into the programme and used to demonstrate bouts of anger. The trainers never found her responsive although she slowly started showing signs of eagerness to learn. To be on the job and earn was something that attracted her to the programme. During the initial weeks she showed lack of self- confidence and was unable to grasp what was being taught. With the practical sessions on the computers, she started finding the programme more interesting. She enjoyed and understood the basic theory that was delivered in the programme. After completion of the programme, she was very disappointed that she could not accept job placements that were facilitated by CAP Foundation because of delayed release order from the government. But after facing a couple of interviews she managed to get her job at Inorbit Mall and is now ready to face the world.


Kali Devi, (alias) Preeti, grew up in poverty feeling insecure. While her Mother’s unpredictable behavior made her indecisive, her father’s cold and indifferent behavior made her an introvert.

Kali Devi’s behavior was highly influenced by the restrictive societal norms, laws, traditions, ethics and morals. Probably the strongest influence in her life was the society she grew up in that she started to rebel against. The way she was treated by other siblings, the socio-economic status of the family, their education, the place where she lived – all of these shaped her thoughts, perceptions, values and personality at the time when she was most vulnerable to being shaped.

The society in and around had such an impact on her that she was attracted towards all wrong things. She started living a life that would

want no controls and believed in trying out all available options. She says “ I did what a normal girl from a lower middle class would never do”.

In the process she got inadvertently lured by some men who promised her money and a flashy life and realised she was pushed into commercial sex work.
Although initially and without realising the repercussions of what she was doing, she enjoyed the new attention and money she was getting locally, she soon got bored of her routine life of false glamour and money. She also had to face family embarrassment and shame. By the time this realization struck her, she was already branded in the society. She seriously wanted to come out of it and at this juncture of her life, she happened to meet EK Mouka team which was enrolling for the three months placement linked training program in September 2008.

She joined the program with a lot of hesitation and doubt. The CAP team has explained the benefits of Ek Mouka – Workforce Development Initiative through which she got motivated and received the training. The life skills training imparted by the CAP Foundation changed her a lot as she could learn the skills required to secure a job. The much required self esteem was restored slowly and she started thinking positively. The family support came in and everything changed like a dream. She was back in the mainstream and started her new life with a bang.

It can be emphasized here that it is only after completing the training she got back her self-confidence and realized the mistake she had committed which was the root cause of her misery. She is presently working as an Assistant Accountant in in a private company and earning a salary of Rs. 4500/- per month.

She feels great that she could secure a respectable job and receives a pay check every month. It marked an accomplished career and a new chapter in her life. She says “there is a lot of honor and self pride in receiving a pay check through the job she holds than in getting money by other means”.


Pooja came into the CAP – Oasis partnership program for the traffic victims. She was one of the inmates in the government hostels for the rescued sex workers. She was lured into the business by some pimps from her village. The promise of big money and high society life was irresistible for a small town girl. She came to Mumbai to become a rich woman. She went from being a young girl in a small Maharastrian village to being held captive as a prostitute.

When she joined CAP training program, she was the only candidate who had passed Std 10th. Quite intelligent and outspoken, she was found to be over- confident. She seems to think that she know more than the others. She had ‘I am always right’ attitude. She was aggressive in class to say the least. She was the one who gave answers to most of the questions put forward by the faculty. She was curious about many things and also realised she quite often in two minds and unable to decide for herself.

During the training programme gradually she focused on what she needs to do in life. We could see that she had developed a vision for her life. She also became thoughtful about others as well. Over the time she developed a dynamic persona. She was confident about her future. Slowly she also started demonstrating that she was a talented lady who finds joy in writing poetry.

She was offered a job in (name with held) for a salary of Rs.6000/- . She is happy now that she is earning the money which has a lot of self respect and dignity. It is very less when compared to what she was paid earlier but believes this has a lot of pride involved in it.

The journey that makes her life today taste so sweet was fraught with challenges, disappointment and danger but whenever she confronted one of these, she turned them into triumphs because that’s simply her way.


Most people live ordinary lives. Just occasionally you meet someone who lives beyond the average – people who dare to not just dream but actually do. Malathi is one of them, despite difficulties and challenges that would cause most to give up she decided to think and live out of the box.

Malathi had to separate from her father due to a tussle between her parents. Her father did not like her mother and she still remembers the heated quarrels her mother had with him.

He threw them out of their home and married another woman. Her mother left her violent husband along with Malathi and her two sisters.

“We were homeless and found it difficult to get shelter. With great difficulty we rented a shutter and settled there. With no steady income we

were left very vulnerable and thought we would have to end up in the streets. Their education was stopped and there were no resources or support to help them at all. With 3 girls to protect and provide for, the mother started working as a daily wage laborer to feed and fend for the daughters.

Malathi came across CAP Foundation’s Teen Channel team at this juncture. She joined the computer course hoping to get a job after the completion of the training and support her mother in her burden of providing for the family. During the training period the other trainees shared their lunch with her as she was unable to provide for her own. Such was the poverty.

Inspite of all this, Malathi did not loose hope. She realized she needed to set some goals and work towards achieving them. She concentrated on her goal of first getting a job to support her mother. In order to achieve this, she enrolled into the Teen Channel program to study for the SSC Examination and then went on to clear her 10th standard board with good marks. She also simultaneously enrolled into the course on computer operations from the vocational stream of CAP Vocational Junior college.

She completed the course and is currently working with a courier agency as a computer operator and earns Rs.4000/- per month. She is supporting her mother and sisters. Her immediate goal is to give good education to her sisters and two score meals to them.

In a world of celebrities without good character, there are hidden from the limelight, genuine diamonds if you are prepared to take notice. Watch, learn from and be inspired in your own life – because a champion is made not born.