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Self help Women Groups

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CAP Foundation continues to address the community needs through its unique Child Centered Community Development model. CAP actualizes this by Building Relationships (BR) with children, families and the community thereby improving quality of life through addressing the needs such as early child care, education, child rights, health, sanitation HIV/AIDS, and thrift and credit activities.
CAP Foundation has already reached out to 20,000 children and their families in 21 sub urban slum neighborhood communities in Hyderabad. The CAP covers four key slum and industrial belt areas in Hyderabad namely Shapurnagar, Balanagar, Qutbullapur and Kukatpally. The mentioned areas are primarily inhabited by low-income migrant population both from Andhra Pradesh and the other states in India.
This year, in addition to 21 suburban slum neighborhoods, CAP has extended its services to 11 new neighboring urban slums localities totaling the outreach areas to 32 urban slums.

The project is currently operating 25 ECCD centers. 16 centers are supported by Plan India and the remaining 9 centres are aided by the Government. This project reaches children and adolescents aged 3 to 18 years. The project has reached 869 children and 412 children who were prepared for formal schooling and have been mainstreamed into nearby schools. The project has built capacities of 204 school teachers on effective teaching with low cost teaching materials. 5985 parents and the community members have acquired knowledge on early childhood care and development, health and nutrition, child rights, child protection, HIV/AIDS, self help groups, and universal birth registration. 32 School development committees and 42 child councils with representation of parents and children were formed this year to address the issues related to community, child education, child protection etc. Through these committees CAP is promoting child rights and protection at four levels – children, family, community and government/Institutions.
As an outcome these committees, parents and the community have started playing an active role in dealing with their local issues. In particular, School Development Committee operating in Shivalayamnagar of Qutubullapur neighborhood has skillfully discussed the needs of their school with the local political leaders and has successfully obtained 2 additional class rooms and two toilets.

Through the ongoing awareness programmes, the community has good understanding on the issues related to health, nutrition, child rights and significantly parents have realized the importance of acquiring birth certificates for their children.

CAP’s continuous efforts through programmes like “Learning Without Fear” have helped children improve their confidence and leadership levels. As a result children have brought out a local news letter called as Asha Kiranalu (Rays of Hope) (cover page on right) This bi-monthly news letter has 4 issues so far and is covering stories, drawing and news related to children.

Self help Women Groups

85 self help groups continue to operate with 1175 women members with a saving of INR 21,06,503 and government loans of Rs. 34 lakhs. The SHG women are trained in different small businesses and are guided according to their skills.