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Ministry of Rural Development India

Ministry of Rural Development India


Following the recommendation of an interministerial group constituted to address the issues of capacity-building and training, the special projects for skill development of rural youth under SGSY was designed to equip unemployed rural youth from the BPL households with marketable skills which would enable them to either secure placements in the industry or purpose sustainable self-employment opportunities through micro-enterprise.

The Objective of each special project from skill development is to ensure a time-bound training and capacity-building programme for bringing a specific number of BPL families above the poverty line through placement, ensuring regular wage employment.

The Ministry of Rural Develoment has sanctioned the special project under SGSY for Skill Development in 10 states namely Assam, Chattisgarh, Jarkhand, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar pradesh, Orissa, Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu.


Cuttach (Orissa)