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Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST)

CAP Foundation Current Working & Closed Centers
No. of states operating
(past & Present)
No. of training centres in India
No. of Staff
Gender details of Students
Female 53%
Male 47%
Courses and profiles offered
3 Months 2 Years
•Automobile Technician •Computer Science Engineering
•Billing and Medical Insurance Assistant •Computer Graphics & Animation
•Bed Side Patient Assistance •Accounts & Taxation
•Customer Relation Service •Hotel Operations
•Clinical Office Receptionist •Automobile Technician and Engineering
•Hospitality •Multi-Purpose Health Worker
•Information Technology
•Multi Skill Worker
•Nurse Aid
•Pharmacy Sales Assistant
•White good Service
No. of Students Trained
Academic 13,621 9,578
Vocational 2,561 2,058
Occupational 2,78,546 2,19,666
TOTAL 2,94,728 2,31,302
Age wise details of Students
13-17 years 17%
18-22 years 41%
23-27 years 29%
Above 27 years 13%
Education details of Students
Less than Xth 49%
Xth to XIIth 39%
Above XIIth 12%
Caste details of Students
SC 17%
ST 8%
OBC 28%
General 47%
Sample Employers
Fortis, Hetro Pharma, Apollo, McDonald’s, Café Coffee Day, Baskin Robins, Barista, Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, West Side, TITAN, MORE, Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Eureka Forbes, TNT India Pvt Ltd., Asian Sky Shop, AIRTEL, Reliance Communications,
LIST OF PROJECTS - CAP FOUNDATION (in the alphabetical order)
Sl No. Name of the program Beneficiary group State Total no. of youth Trained Central/state/corporate/Bi lateral/INGO
1 Alcatel Lucent /QUEST Alliance Urban School drop outs Maharashtra 2000 Corporate
2 Basic Employability Skills Training Urban youth Himachal Pradesh 560 Corporate
3 BAsic Employability Skills Training for Women Urban youth Tamil Nadu 300 Govt
4 Child Centered Community Development Programme Urban youth Telangana 2163 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
5 DDU GKY - Bihar Rural youth Bihar 1500 Govt
6 DDU GKY - Chattisgarh Rural youth Chattisgarh 5000 Govt
7 DDU GKY - Gujarat Rural youth Gujarat 3000 Govt
8 DDU GKY - Jharkhand Rural youth Jharkhand 3985 Govt
9 DDU GKY - Orissa Rural youth Orissa 1000 Govt
10 Digital Empowerment of Underserved Schools through IT enabled learning in select Indian States Urban, Rural Telangana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradhesh 9 Schools Corp
11 Ek Lavya Skills Training to SC & ST youth Rural youth Rajasthan 700 Govt
12 Ek Mouka - ADA Displaced due to SEZ Maharashtra 1041 Corporate
13 Ek Mouka - BILT Rural youth Maharashtra, UP 500 Corporate
14 Ek Mouka - Disha Urban youth NCR 2150 Corporate
15 Ek Mouka - DLF Displaced due to SEZ Maharashtra 500 Corporate
16 Ek Mouka - Employability Skills Training program Urban youth Maharashtra 300 Govt
17 Ek Mouka - Employability Skills Training program Displaced due to SEZ Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan 1105 Corporate
18 Ek Mouka - Employability Skills Training program for family members of the workers Family members of employees Bihar 237 Corporate
19 Ek Mouka - Employability Skills Training programme for Tsunami Affected families Disaster affected youth Tamil Nadu 500 Corporate
20 Ek Mouka - Employability Skills Training programme for Tsunami Affected families Disaster affected youth Tamil Nadu, Kerala 2297 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
21 Ek Mouka Jusco Urban and rural youth Jharkand 914 Corporate
22 Entrepreneurship Development program in Food Processing Rural Andhra Pradesh, Jharkand, Haryana 237 Govt
23 Ek Mouka - Workforce Development Initiative Family members of workers Haryana 500 Govt
24 Ek Mouka - Workforce Development Initiative  M+V NCR 50 Corporate
25 Ek Mouka Employability Skills Training program Rural youth Chattisgarh 55 Corporate
26 Ek Mouka Employability training programe and work force develoment initiative Youth displaced due to metro Maharashtra 518 Corporate
27 Ek Mouka Employability Training programme for under priveleged youth under Rajiv Udyogshri Rural youth AP 1000 Govt
28 Ek Mouka Udaan Urban youth Gujarat 500 Govt
29 Employability Enhancement Training for the displaced youth Displaced due to SEZ Haryana 300 Corporate
30 Employability Skill Development program Urban youth Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh 914 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
31 Employability Skill Development Training programme for the displaced youth in Orissa Displaced due to SEZ Orissa 1450 Corporate
32 Employability Skills Training for displaced youth Displaced due to SEZ Orissa 442 Corporate
33 Employability Skills Training for Project Affected youth Displaced due to SEZ Chattisgarh, Karnataka and West Bengal 450 Corporate
34 Employability Skills Training Programme Urban youth Tamil Nadu 500 Corporate
35 English Access Microscholarship Program urban youth Andhra Pradesh 300 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
36 Global Fund for Youth Development School drop outs All India 0 Corporate
37 Himayat Rural youth Jammu & Kashmir 6200 Govt
38 Indus Child Labour Project Child Labour Maharashtra 1000 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
39 Integrating Formal Education Interventions with Religious Educators Urban youth AP 350 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
40 IT Linked Livelihoods for Disadvantaged Women in the Left Wing Affected and Backward Districts of India Only women Bihar, Jharkhand, AP 500 Corporate
41 Manas project Minority Jammu & Kashmir 1000 Govt
42 Microsoft - Trafficking victims Trafficking victims Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh 1000 Corporate
43 Microsoft Unlimited Potential Community Technologies Skills Programme Urban youth All centres of   Corporate
44 Nai Manzil   Tamil Nadu, Telangana 1940 Govt
45 Nalai Namadhe Tsunami affected families Tamil Nadu 1500 Corporate
46 Placement linked Employability Skills Development Program for rural youth under SGSY (SP) Rural youth Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Jharkand, Chattisgarh, Assam 7659 Govt
47 Placement linked Employability Skills Development Program for Women Only women Delhi, Tamil Nadu 222 Corporate
48 Placement linked Employability Skills Training Program in Health care sector under SGSY (SP) Rural youth Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat 8370 Govt
49 Placement linked Employability Skills Training Program in IAP (N) under SGSY (SP) Rural youth Jharkand, Chattisgarh, Bihar 6900 Govt
50 Placement linked Employability Skills Training Program in IAP (S) under SGSY (SP) Rural youth Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, 7200 Govt
51 Placement linked Employability Skills Training Program in Uttar Pradesh under SGSY (SP) Rural youth Uttar Pradesh 7900 Govt
52 Plan International Urban youth Srilanka 2300 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
53 Preparing the disadvantaged youth as Knowledge workers for 21st century through e learning Urban youth All centres of   Corporate
54 Preparing the disadvantaged youth for 21st century jobs urban youth, rural and tribal youth Across the country 50000 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
55 Program of preparing disadvantaged youth for 21st century jobs Urban and rural youth Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand 3822 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
56 Promoting formal education and employability training for muslim youth Minority youth Andhra Pradesh 68425 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
57 Roshini - Bihar Rural youth Bihar 1500 Govt
58 Roshini - Jharkhand Rural youth Jharkhand 4200 Govt
59 Roshini - Orissa Rural youth Orissa 4200 Govt
60 Saksham Urban youth Delhi, Tamil Nadu 1301 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
61 Seekho Aur Kamao Minority youth AP, TG, TN, Bihar 5598 Govt
62 Skills for Life Urban youth Tamil Nadu 600 Corporate
63 South Asia Regional Initative Trafficking victims Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh 3000 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
64 Teen Channel - Community College Urban youth Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu 22987 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
65 Trafficking prevention, joblessness and Multi fibre agreement - Post MFA Trafficking victims & Retrenched workers Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka 2000 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
66 Training to unemployed youth on various skill development training programmes Urban youth Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, AP, TN 1200 Govt
67 Umeed Urban youth Gujarat 40441 Govt
68 Vocational training for vulnerable and marginalised youth in India Urban and rural youth from backward districts Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Jharkand, Chattisgarh, Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana 15500 INGO/Foundation/Bi lateral
Total 3,15,783

As one of the pioneers in the space of community based programming for young people and building on its considerable experience in India and other countries, CAP Foundation over the last nine years has developed a full-fledged accelerated skills training programme to link learning and livelihoods for young people with forward linkages to employment avenues.

Building on CAP’s well-developed and established model, this model is an inclusive youth empowerment program based in the context of emerging economy. The model targets below poverty youth with special focus on school dropouts, unemployed secondary school graduates, migrant youth and youth from resettlement communities. The model supports employment opportunity oriented workforce preparation with a strong focus on life skills and work readiness. Post training, the project connects the youth to job opportunities that allows them to earn and to access peer sharing networks. This implies involvement of business, vocational training service providers and industry professionals in developing integral components to learn, acquire skills, become employable, access jobs, earn, save and advance.

The model is primarily designed to improve the skills and employability status of some of the most vulnerable youth from rapidly urbanizing small towns and backward rural disadvantaged districts, make them competitive in the job market by providing demand-driven contemporary skills training with job placement support and enable them to aspire to assimilate into the new economy labour market. By projecting potential labour market opportunities, this program will enable the youth to make informed choice options about gaining access to skills and competencies to decent jobs. It will contribute in making the workforce development inclusive, equitable and effective for new economy jobs and institutionalize partnerships between businesses, citizens volunteers and governments. Trainees who successfully graduate from the short term certificate course and take up job placements can then continue to acquire, at their pace, additional competencies and receive diplomas and career advancement opportunities through flexible direct classes or e-learning in distance learning mode provided by the Community College platform. The most significant outcome, however is that these vulnerable youth in transition receive the necessary support to enable them to learn and acquire necessary skills to balance education-work and family life balance for self-directed growth.

The Foundation has an impressive footprint in terms of its partnership approach, face-to-face and e-learning training content and methodology, capacity building of trainers, job placement and post placement support to trainees. CAP has moved from a mere skills training service provider to an innovative end-to-end solutions provider contributing to specialized technical resource and capacity building in this sector through CAP Workforce Development Institute (CAP – WDI) established in 2010 by the Board CAP Foundation. CAP Workforce Development Institute (CAP – WDI) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and has international accreditation to award Edexcel certificate. Edexcel is part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company which has an educational heritage rooted in names like Longman, Heinemann and Prentice Hall. Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding organisation, offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally.

CAP’s model has received considerable institutional capability building support to develop the model to its current level of maturity and adaptability through much iteration. This in turn has helped its wide spread adoption by a diverse range of players and scaling up through government and other channel partners. Through partnership with leading agencies such as USAID, European Commission, ILO, Microsoft, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and Plan International, CAP’s model has been adapted in many contexts of disadvantaged youth in many countries. Microsoft supported the adoption of the model through its “Unlimited Potential” program to support employability of disadvantaged youth, besides its Asia regional initiative for reintegration of survivors and potential victims of trafficking. ILO supported the adoption of this model by the Confederation of Indian Industry besides integrating this model in the rehabilitation program for disaster-affected communities in the Tsunami Relief program. USAID funded the application of the model in more than one context: - through “SARI-Q,” a project on re-skilling retrenched garment workers in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Another 5-year grant "Workforce Development Initiative: Preparing Youth for 21st Century Jobs” took the model through public-private partnerships to scale in India. This experience and a third project for introduction of formal education in Madrasa religious education centres for Muslim girls was included in the design for USAID's most recent "Mega Sky" program.

Various studies to gauge impact of the model’s adoption and integration in different contexts have reinforced its reliability and scalability. Over 2,50,000 youth over the past 5 years from Asia (India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal) and Africa (Egypt, North Sudan, South Sudan and most recently Tanzania), have benefitted from the program both through the direct operations of CAP Foundation and technical services of CAP WDI. In promoting the adoption of its model, CAP’s key contribution has been providing project leadership in stakeholder development and the youth learning dimension. CAP’s program managers provide full-time on-site leadership to the program building the local team’s capacity to develop and manage partnerships for scaling up and sustainability.