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Basic Employability Skills Training (BEST)


The skills development training projects have spread across partnerships with several Central and state Government 15 states of India covering 6 maoists affected states and LOC districts in Kashmir. The model has also been adopted and replicated through partnerships to overseas destinations including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya.

As one of the pioneers in the space of community based programming for young people and building on its considerable experience in India and other countries, CAP Foundation over the last 8 years has developed a full-fledged accelerated skills training programme to link learning and livelihoods for young people with forward linkages to regular employment with decent wage avenues, savings and entrepreneurship.

The intervention targets below poverty youth with special focus on school dropouts, unemployed secondary school graduates, migrant youth and youth from resettlement communities. The program supports employment opportunity oriented workforce preparation with a strong focus on life skills and work readiness. Post training, the project connects the youth to job opportunities that allows them to earn. This implies involvement of business, vocational training service providers and industry professionals in developing integral components to learn, acquire skills, become employable, access jobs, earn, save and advance.

CAP has tested this model in various settings for different target groups.  The tenacity of the model is tested both for geographic locations as well as target groups. The beauty of the model is its ability to blend with the settings.  This model is applied to the

  • Trafficked victims who after being rescued by the police and the NGOs lead a life of indignity and uncertainty
  • Fishermen community who after the Tsunami only wanted to diversify their livelihood base
  • Garment workers who were at the risk of losing their livelihoods due to the closure of garment making units
  • Labour working on the lands that have been sold to make way for SEZs
  • Migrants who come to the urban areas with a hope making livelihood but land up with exploitative jobs due to lack of skills
  • Youth who are at risk of taking up routes which are not only dangerous for themselves but also to the nation

The Basic employability Skills Training  Model of CAP offers demand driven courses in the following high entry level job placement potential making the last mile connection to jobs possible.


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